What's a SquareSpace Site?

SquareSpace is a hosting platform that offers an all-in-one web design solution. In addition to hosting, everything is provided for you. Whether it's a blog or an eCommerce site you won't have to worry about plugins, separate components or finding a payment processor because it's already included with your SquareSpace plan. You also get to choose from a multitude of great starter templates to create the web site, blog or eCommerce site you dream of. A free domain name is even included  when you pay for an annual hosting plan upfront. What makes SquareSpace's all in one solution attractive is the convenience of having the back-end of running your online business all taken care of. SquareSpace is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want a professional online presence quickly and easily so they can stay focused on what they do best and save themselves the worry and stress of putting it together from scratch themselves. 

What's the Difference Between SquareSpace & WordPress?

While both offer DIY web design solutions via the availability of pre-made templates, the main difference is that SquareSpace is packaged as an all-in-one service for a monthly fee, but offers you less control and ownership of your site. Where as WordPress allows you full control over a custom build and ownership if installed on your own servers. This goes for your domain name as well. If you get a free domain name with SquareSpace's annual plan, you don't really own the domain. For this reason, I recommend purchasing a separate domain name either directly from SquareSpace or a registrar like GoDaddy, that you can then point to SquareSpace's servers.   

SquareSpace is Touted as a DIY Solution, so Why Should I Hire You?

Yes it's true, that anyone can sign up on the SquareSpace platform and create their own website. But the truth of the matter is that the learning curve involved in using SquareSpace's visual editor can be steep. Not to mention that without sufficient design experience, chances are you wouldn't be able to achieve the professional results you seek. Even I began cursing at the editor when I first attempted to get a handle on it. And while it only took me a week to master, I owe that one week saving grace to my 16 years of experience designing and developing websites. Having this skill set is what also allows me to provide you with a more customized experience, rather than just a cookie cutter template that looks like everyone else's. If you value spending your time doing what you do best, why not leave the challenging task of designing your website to someone who does that best?

Your Prices are Considerably Low for Custom Web Design, What's the Catch?

No catch, other than the fact that I'm passionate about digital design and I've always had an inclination towards entrepreneurship. I understand the mindset and drive of the entrepreneur, the ideal client I'm looking to serve, and like any entrepreneur will tell you, you've got to start somewhere. Offering affordable rates for a chance to follow my passion and do what I love--I wouldn't have it any other way!

Are There Any Additional Costs?

Other than the standard fees for a domain name, web host and any necessary assets, which are separate from the cost of the purchased design package, no. 

What Can I Expect When We Start a Project Together?

It’s all about getting to know you, your project, your goals and where you’re heading first. I’ll ask you questions, generate ideas, and devise a plan for success we can agree on, including project phases and milestones. Then I’ll get to work.  I’ll research. I’ll sketch and bring design concepts to life for your approval. Once approved, the magic of transforming your design into a web site follows. When the initial development cycle is complete, the site is then tested against a multitude of browsers and mobile devices to ensure compatibility and the widest viewership among your audience. The site is then refined and made fully functional across browsers, devices and platforms. We then launch and celebrate!

I Just Placed My Order, What Next?

Congratulations on taking the first step to creating a stunning online presence that not only sets you apart but also helps you establish trust and credibility with your brand. I will be in touch within a few hours of receiving your order to discuss the goals for your site and together we'll plan and outline the final outcome. It's highly recommended that you provide high resolution (2500px or more) professional photos and or stock images for the best results and that the final copy of your content has been edited and proofread. 

How Do You Organize Your Projects and Handle Communication with Your Clients?

Being neat and organized contributes to a successful outcome and around here we like being neat and organized. We also like to keep things simple. Frequent emails and the occasional Skype call or chat is how you'll be kept abreast of your project's progress. Together, we'll collaborate to achieve a final outcome we can both be proud of. 

I Want a Complete Website. Do You Handle Both Design and Development?

With the exception of SquareSpace's built-in functionality, absolutely. From concept to final launch, I handle every aspect of the site production process for you. Using creativity, design thinking, ample knowledge of visual design principles and code language to develop the structure of your site, is what helps me produce great designs so your site not only looks fantastic, but is also built rock solid. 

How Long Will My Project Take to Complete?

Well, it ultimately depends on the extent of the project. Once started, the completion of a small SquareSpace site usually takes one week and custom WordPress sites can take two to three weeks. Larger sites and additional services will require more time. You are also a big part of the time frame equation. As we progress, your ability in providing feedback and the necessary assets required is key to completing a project in a timely manner.

If you have a project with a tight deadline, I might be able to get it done, but it’s subject to schedule availability and incurs an additional 35% of the total project fee.

How Do You Process Refunds?

Refunds are issued when requested within 24 hours of purchase and is dependent on schedule availability. If your project is on a waiting list due to demand and it's been more than 24 hours since placing your order, you have up to 1 week prior to commencement of project to request a refund. However, once the week prior to commencement is reached and once a project has commenced there are no refunds, no exceptions.